Buttercup Farm

Baked Goods


Challah $8.00

A sweet celebration loaf, makes fantastic French toast!

Ingredients Milk, Flour, Honey, Eggs

Sandwich Loaf
Sandwich Loaf $6.00

Soft and light with a slight tang, this makes the best sandwiches.

Rolls $6.00/dz

Fluffy dinner rolls, warm them up and serve with butter.

Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls $8.00 for 4

Extra large, pillowy soft cinnamon rolls!

Ingredients Milk, Flour, Cinnamon, Sugar, Eggs

Cream Scones
Cream Scones $8.00 for 4

The perfect carrier for honey and jam.

Ingredients Milk, Flour, Cinnamon, Sugar, Eggs


Chocolate Crinkles
Chocolate Crinkles $12.00/dz

A Christmas classic at our house, delicious any time.

Corn Cookies
Corn Cookies $6 for 4

Sweet and salty, like eating corn on the cob in a sugar cookie.


Brazil $8.00

Tasty medium roast. Nutty and chocolatey, with medium acidity.

Ingredients 250g


½ lb $8.00
1 lb $12.00
2 lb $22.00
1 lb Honeycomb $10.00

Honey in the comb, as pure as possible without it being covered in bees.

How To Order

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All food is prepared in a kitchen that is not subject to regulation and inspection by the regulatory authority and may contain allergens.
Prices and availability subject to change.
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