Buttercup Farm

Wholesome Food & Flowers

Buttercup farm is a small, family farm just outside Omaha. After more than 10 years of gardening and raising chickens, we are using what we have learned to help feed our friends and community. We hope you will let us feed you too!

Fresh Produce

A butternut squash on a bed of roma tomatoes.

Fresh, seasonal produce grown naturally. What we have changes week to week, so it's always at it's best. We love to grow interesting and heirloom varieties for their flavor and unique looks, we hope you will enjoy them too.

Free Range Eggs

Closeup of a rooster's head.

Our happy flock is pasture raised, snacking on anything and everything they can find. It makes for what we think are some of the most delicious eggs. We also have ducks, whose eggs have a larger yolk, and are richer than chicken eggs. Give them a try in a cake!

Beautiful Flowers

A single orange flower in a field.

Bring some of the beauty of nature into your home with a bouquet of our flowers. Local flowers have many great benefits. They are fresher, since they don't have to be shipped. There are far less carbon emissions to bring them to you, and they aren't treated with pesticides or steeped in chemicals to increase their vase life. Plus, you can get a wider variety of interesting blooms and heirloom types that you may not normally see at a florist or supermarket.

Home Baked Goodies

Cinnamon apple sweet bread braids.

Nothing beats a slice of homemade bread, or a big cookie to share. We will have fresh loaves of our favorite soft sandwich bread, as well as a rotating cast of extra large cookies each week. We will announce other specialty bakes on Facebook before the farmers market.

Small Batch Coffee

Green and roasted coffee beans.

A fresh baked cookie or thick toasted bread with jam goes great with a well rounded cup of coffee. We love coffee and began roasting our own several years ago. Now we have a few reliable roasts that are part of our morning ritual, and we hope you will enjoy them too. Grab a bag and let us know what you think!

Where To Find Us

Papillion Farmers Market

This year we will have a table at the Papillion Farmers Market in downtown Papillion, every Wednesday starting June 2nd. Once we find out where our stall will be located, we'll post it here!

Our Farm Stand

Visit us at the barn on Thursdays, starting June 3rd. Be sure to check on our Facebook to see what we will have available.

10790 Husker Lane, Blair NE 68008